Diagnostic Services

X-raysDigital Radiographs

Radiographs, or X-rays, are one of the most useful diagnostic tools in medicine. After performing a thorough physical examination, X-rays are often a recommended next step in identifying the underlying cause of your pet’s illness.

At Main Street Veterinary Clinic we use digital X-Rays to examine your pet’s bone structure, lungs, heart, abdomen, and other areas for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions. There are many advantages to digital X-rays:

We feel it is very important that pet owners understand what any diagnostic test reveals. Dr. Heller will review (and fully explain) to our clients each X-ray we take on our large computer monitors in each exam room. The diagnostic capabilities offered by X-rays are an extremely important part of veterinary medicine. Our investment in high-quality X-ray technology reflects our commitment to offer the best, most comprehensive healthcare available.

Lab testingIn-House Medical And Diagnostic Laboratory

Whether performing routine wellness examinations or diagnosing an illness, what we can't see is as important, if not more important, than what we can.

In-house diagnostic blood machines have revolutionized modern veterinary medicine, with capabilities that were almost unimaginable 15 years ago. Here at Main Street Veterinary Clinic we have a complete suite of diagnostic blood machines that run the most common pet profiles; in most cases results are available in 20 minutes. This allows us to evaluate and diagnose problems within a quicker time frame than ever before.

Blood work required for dental or surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia is usually performed the day of the procedure. In the event of any unexpected abnormalities Dr. Heller will call to discuss the significance and/or potential treatments before proceeding.

For more complicated blood work and specialized tests we use an outside laboratory (Idexx Laboratories).


Ultrasound can be one of the most effective diagnostic techniques available to a veterinary clinic, allowing us to visualize objects that cannot be detected by X-rays alone. Here at Main Street Veterinary Clinic, we have an in-house ultrasound which Dr. Heller can use to assess the shape, size, density, internal structure, and position of your pet's internal organs.

The ultrasound procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes to perform and does not typically require sedation. A diagnosis based on what we see is usually available immediately, which means we can also provide you with treatment options at the time of your appointment.